7 Ways to Make Your Truck More Comfortable for Long Hauls

Most people who work the standard 9 to 5 schedule do so in an office where they may take breaks and relax. Well, owner-operators know that the trucking profession is substantially different from your normal office work. Working hours in the transportation industry typically extend much beyond the conventional workday. Many truck drivers spend up to 60 hours a week in the truck!

Long-distance trucking can cause a number of health problems, including back discomfort, inactivity for extended periods, and isolation. Now that you’ve decided to make the truck your home away from home, here are some tips for truck drivers and owner-operators on how to make your truck more comfortable for long hauls.

1.      Choose the Right Seat

The truck’s seat is critical to the driver’s safety and comfort while behind the wheel. Your truck’s seat should maintain the correct driving posture so you can control the vehicle and avoid accidents. Furthermore, it should be designed to ensure both your comfort and health on the road. Unfortunately, most truck seats aren’t up to the task, and that’s dangerous for drivers.

A truck driver’s risk of suffering a back injury is significantly higher than that of those in most other occupations. They have twice the risk of back injuries as desk employees. Truckers spend their days sitting while typically having to perform a lot of driving and hauling. Long durations of sitting can cause muscular weakness in the legs and back discomfort.

The good news is that these risks can be mitigated by selecting a vehicle seat that provides adequate support and comfort.

  • Seating Dimensions: The overall dimensions of the seat are the first thing to consider. For optimal comfort while driving, make sure your knees have enough room. It is also important to consider the height of the seat. It must be at the right height so that you can reach the pedals without straining your legs, but not so high that you feel like you’re sitting on the floor. Finally, consider the cushion to ensure it is comfortable but not too soft.
  • Other Amenities: If you’re in need of a replacement truck seat before your next long drive, check out the selection of semi-truck air seats for sale online. Air suspension, internal heating, and cooling systems, and adjustable armrests are just some other modern amenities available. Read reviews and choose the seat that offers the best value for money.

Many trucking companies also offer safety bonuses. Having the right seat can help enhance safety and safety bonuses for owner-operators.

2.      Adopt Healthy Sleeping & Eating Routine

As a long-haul driver, your health depends on getting plenty of rest and nutrition. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to invest in a brand-new mattress made especially for truck bunks. Get a few tailored sets of sheets for your bunk and switch them out every week. Add a pillow that feels just like yours from home, and wrap yourself with a plush blanket.

In the evening, be aware of any lights that could shine into your resting space and wake you up. Get some curtains or a window shade for your car, or use a sleep mask if you must park the truck outside during the day. Wearing some soft earplugs can help you get a full night’s rest even if the outside world is noisy, whether it’s from a nearby highway or from trucks pulling up and leaving.

To enhance comfort on the road, you should also consider investing in a travel fridge. After days of fast food or restaurant meals, your body and digestive system may be showing signs of stress. You can keep perishables fresh while driving by purchasing a mini-fridge designed specifically for truck cabs. Put in some fresh produce, salad toppings, and deli meats that aren’t cured with nitrates. Thanks to the microwave facilities at most pickups, you can enjoy home-cooked meals on the road.

3.      Do Not Compromise on Exercise

Even the most luxurious driver’s seat can’t compensate for the lack of activity. Put some weights or a resistance band in your truck so you can work out while waiting. There are resistance bands developed particularly for truckers with clips that connect to your seat or to the exterior of your vehicle, making it easy for you to finish a workout in a parking lot.

When you stop over for the night, consider a truck stop that has gym facilities or one that’s near a preserve with walking paths. Taking a morning stroll before you climb back in the vehicle gets your blood flowing and enhances your energy for the day to come.

4.      Prioritize Your Personal Care

Traveling requires you to take care of yourself. You’ll have more energy and a better disposition if you wear clean clothes. You should pack enough spare clothing to last the entire vacation. To make your long hauls even more comfortable and enjoyable, always keep a kit with personal care supplies ready. Bring facial cleansing wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving equipment, and deodorant.

Soap and shampoo are often found in showers at truck stops. Still, it is a good idea to pack some for the road. Don’t leave home without your shower shoes. It is essential to wear shoes in the showering area to avoid foot fungal, nail fungus, and other diseases.

5.      Organize the Clutter

The cab of a truck may quickly become a dump for discarded fast food containers, water bottles, and soiled work clothes before the driver makes a washing stop. Purchase some boxes or containers to help organize the clutter.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing. Instead, you can keep things organized with a milk carton to store water bottles and a clothesline to dry your garments. It’s a good idea to maintain a handheld vacuum and some window cleaner and sanitizing wipes in your cab to keep it looking nice and prevent the spread of germs.

6.      Keep Yourself Entertained

Keeping yourself entertained on the road is essential for mental stimulation. A trucker podcast or your preferred music streaming service can keep you entertained while on the road. If you have access to Wi-Fi when you’re parked for the night, you may attach a tiny smart TV and watch your favorite shows online. If you will have limited access to the internet at your destination, it is recommended that you download some movies to view in your downtime.

You should also make it a habit to check in with your loved ones back home through video calls on a daily basis. There are several apps, including Facetime, WhatsApp, and even Instagram, that allow you to quickly connect with others. Talking to loved ones back home is a great way to feel involved in their lives and in what’s happening back there. That way, when you return, you won’t have to spend your time together trying to catch up on what’s occurred while you were apart.

But the greater advantage is that keeping yourself entertained and taking care of your mental health in this way will make your journey more comfortable. We often disregard the importance of mental and emotional stress. However, it can accumulate over time and even manifest as physical symptoms, such as stomach aches and strained muscles. This makes it important to keep yourself entertained to ensure comfortable long hauls.

7.      A Little Personalization Goes a Long Way!

When driving for extended periods of time, you may want to make your vehicle seem more like a home by hanging up pictures of loved ones or locations you’ve traveled. Even a small personal item, such as a drawing by your kid or a birthday card, can bring a lot of joy during the long hauls.

Owner Operators Can Make the Most with RSB

Truck drivers have a duty to look out for themselves and other drivers on the road. The aforementioned tips for truck drivers and owner-operators are examples of how to improve the experience of long-distance trucking. This, in turn, will improve road safety.

If you’re nice to yourself and your truck, the time spent driving will go by quickly. You will also feel healthier and happier as a result. Now that you know how to make your truck more comfortable, you might be wondering what you can do to enhance your earnings. A simple solution is to join hands with RSB.

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