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7 Ways to Make Your Truck More Comfortable for Long Hauls

Most people who work the standard 9 to 5 schedule do so in an office where they may take breaks and relax. Well, owner-operators know that the trucking profession is substantially different from your normal office work. Working hours in the transportation industry typically extend much beyond the conventional workday….
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7 Tips for Owner-Operators to Remain Organized

No one gets into the trucking business because they want to deal with numbers and bookkeeping, yet these tasks are just as crucial as meeting delivery deadlines. Being an owner-operator necessitates a steadfast commitment to orderliness. It becomes your responsibility to follow the law and file the appropriate documentation on…
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A Guide to Fleet Auto Insurance – What You Need to Know

Transporting cargo is a very lucrative but also dangerous and pricey business. So, whether you own a fleet of trucks, are a 100% owner-operator, or run a business that uses these vehicles to deliver goods, you need insurance to protect your investments and the investments of your clients. However, finding…
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Top 7 Truck Driving Tips to Prevent Accidents

Commercial vehicles pose a unique threat on the road because of their size and strength. The repercussions are often devastating when a truck collides with a car or even another truck. While it is true that vehicle equipment failure can set off a chain reaction of misfortune in a vehicle,…
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The U.S. DOT is honing the techniques it uses to perform on-site compliance reviews of trucking companies by expanding the number of interviews performed with carrier employees and checking carriers’ social media accounts.   In the past, when FMCSA came calling to do a full on-site compliance review at company…
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Commercial carriers beware: One of our member companies sent us this information in an email today:   I received a call from an officer called David I didn’t catch the last name…   The officer was saying that we had an accident with a JBHunt truck and that the repaired for…
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If you want to drive a $2 million vehicle, you’ve got about two options: Jay Leno’s 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe with his 1986 Lamborghini Countach in-tow, or Volvo’s SuperTruck     I took the latter. Volvo debuted its SuperTruck at the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. late last year,…
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last week issued new guidance on the use of older logging devices that, while lacking compliance with the agency’s electronic logging device stipulations, afford carriers two extra years — until December 2019 — to fully comply with the ELD mandate.   The agency also…
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