2012 was a big year for us at RSB Inc. It was the year we took our first steps towards realizing our dream of building a successful trucking company that delivers superior service to our clients. With just two trucks to our name, we hit the road and worked tirelessly to build our reputation for reliability, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

We’re proud to say that one of those two trucks is still with us today, leased to a trusted driver who shares our values and commitment to quality. That truck represents not just where we started but also how far we’ve come.

Total Truck: 3

Total Trailers: 3

Revenue: $620,000


2013 was a year of growth and expansion for RSB Inc. We moved to a new location that better accommodated our growing fleet of trucks and trailers, and we invested in new equipment to better serve our clients.

One of our most exciting purchases that year was the addition of Transcraft Eagle II trailers to our fleet. These trailers are known for their durability, reliability, and versatility, and they’ve been an invaluable asset to us as we’ve continued to expand our operations. With each new truck we added, we offered more services and better supported our clients’ needs!

Total Truck: 12

Total Trailers: 15

Revenue: $3,2 Mil


2014 was a truly exciting year for us at RSB Inc. We added three brand-new trucks to our growing fleet, allowing us to take on even more shipments and expand our reach nationwide. It was a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, as well as our commitment to investing in the best equipment and technology.

Not only did we grow our company-owned trucks that year, but we also welcomed many new leased owners to our team. We were thrilled to have so many talented drivers join us. Looking back on that year, we’re proud of how far we’ve come.  

Total Truck: 21

Total Trailers: 25

Revenue: $5,9 Mil



2015 brought six new trucks to our company fleet, allowing us to take on even more shipments and expand our reach across the country. It was a thrilling time for our family-operated company as we continued to build our reputation for excellent service and support.

We also moved to our new location at 2140 Jernigan Road in Jacksonville, FL, which provided us with even more space and resources to serve our clients. But that wasn’t all – the most memorable endeavor of 2015 was the opening of our first international office in Bosnia, which allowed us to expand our global reach and connect with new partners around the world.

Total Truck: 29

Total Trailers: 32

Revenue: $6,3 Mil


IMG_0486 (2)

In 2016, we continued to build on our success by adding four new trucks to our fleet and welcoming additional owners to our team. Our total number of company-owned trucks reached 35. But it wasn’t just about growing our business – it was also about recognizing our drivers’ hard work and dedication.

One of our drivers, Dowaine Vason, won our Idle Bonus program that year. He used his bonus to purchase his own truck, a moment that was a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and dedication that we encourage in our drivers. It was a proud moment for our team, and it reminded us of why we do what we do – to support and empower our drivers and provide them with opportunities to succeed.

Total Truck: 35

Total Trailers: 41

Revenue: $8.53 Mil



In 2017, RSB Inc. continued to build on our momentum and grow our business in new and exciting ways. We were thrilled to expand our fleet by adding additional new trucks, bringing our total number of company-owned trucks to 47.

In addition to expanding our fleet of trucks, we added 10 new trailers to our growing fleet, which provided us with even more resources and flexibility to meet the unique needs of our clients. With these new additions, we continued providing the best possible service while supporting our team’s ongoing success and growth.

Total Truck: 47

Total Trailers: 53

Revenue: $12,34 Mil


2018 was a year of significant change for RSB Inc. and one that we will always remember as a turning point in our company’s history. One of the biggest changes we made was transitioning to a 100% Owner Operator company, a move that allowed us to create new opportunities for drivers and build even stronger relationships with our team. This change was a major milestone for us.

We also purchased our yard at 2140 Jernigan Rd and 4245 St Augustine Rd, which provided us with a renewed sense of stability. These changes were not just about building a successful business but about creating a family-like atmosphere and a supportive community for our drivers and team members.  

Total Truck: 53

Total Trailers: 64

Revenue: $14,73 Mil


2019 was a year of challenges and triumphs for RSB Inc. The COVID-19 pandemic affected our drivers, and we knew we had to step up and support them in any way we could. That’s why we were proud to offer our drivers a 50% discount on our fees, to help make their lives a little bit easier during these trying times.

Despite the difficulties, we were heartened to see how strong and resilient our team was and how they supported each other through thick and thin. We were also grateful that, with God’s blessing, we were able to keep all of our drivers with us despite many of them being affected by COVID-19.  

Total Truck: 58

Total Trailers: 67

Revenue: $12,46 Mil


In 2020, RSB Inc. faced one of its greatest challenges, with the pandemic affecting many aspects of our operations. Despite the difficulties, our team pulled together and supported each other like never before. We were determined to not only survive but thrive, and we did just that.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “When people are determined, they can overcome anything.” Our team and drivers stayed determined, and together, we pushed through to finish out 2020 on a positive note. Despite the challenges, we continued to grow and move forward, and we are stronger for it today.

Total Truck: 62

Total Trailers: 70

Revenue: $13,70 Mil


In 2021, RSB Inc. saw significant growth in the fleet with the introduction of 6 new trucks. We also focused on streamlining our processes to make life easier for our drivers, partnering with other companies to help them stay organized with their paperwork and submit documents promptly.

As a result, we saw a 30% increase in revenue from the previous year. It was a year of learning and growth for RSB, but our team and drivers rose to the occasion and tackled all challenges head-on.

Total Truck: 68

Total Trailers: 75

Revenue: $17,05 Mil


2022 marked the 10th anniversary of RSB Inc., and we couldn’t have been more excited. We also achieved another milestone by opening our sister broker company, Reyma Logistics Inc. This marked a new chapter for us as we expanded our services and capabilities in the transportation industry.

With this new addition, we are excited to see what the next 10 years will bring for our customers and us. As always, we were also grateful for the continued support of our Owners-Operators and the hard work of our team that has made this possible.  

Total Truck: 68

Total Trailers: 75

Revenue: $16.04 Mil


In 2023, the transportation industry faced significant challenges, experiencing a notable decrease in rates and available loads. This led to a decrease in resources on both fronts, with some trucks being removed from the fleet as Owner Operators either transitioned back to driving or pursued other opportunities. Despite these setbacks, our commitment to the company remains unwavering. With a current fleet of 50 trucks and 57 trailers, we generated a revenue of $10.05 million. We are determined to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

Total Truck: 50

Total Trailers: 57

Revenue: $10.05 mil