In 2012 we started RSB with 2 trucks and a dream to build a business that provides superior trucking and best customer service, at the best cost and value.

This two trucks started it all. We still have one of this trucks leased to one of our drivers.

Total Truck: 3

Total Trailers: 3

Revenue: $620,000


2013 was a big step up for us we moved to new location and added new trucks and trailers.

We started to purchase new trailer’s Transcraft Eagle II

Total Truck: 12

Total Trailers: 15

Revenue: $3,2 Mil


2014 Was our very exciting year for us we added 3 brand new trucks to company fleet.

We have grown in company trucks as well as Leased Owners in 2014 was very exciting year for us.

Total Truck: 21

Total Trailers: 25

Revenue: $5,9 Mil