Commercial carriers beware: One of our member companies sent us this information in an email today:


I received a call from an officer called David I didn’t catch the last name…


The officer was saying that we had an accident with a JBHunt truck and that the repaired for the inside tire they also gave me a code : 98872 was for $988.72.


They also asked for the safety manager so I told him that her name was Silvana. He said that he was talking to her over the phone and she had everything on control and also asked me for our email to fax us some reports.


When they start asking for money I called Silvana immediately since I needed to have her confirmation since this is not a normal procedure for accidents. Silvana stated that she didn’t know what was going on.


They also gave me another truck number; we checked his trailer and the driver is at a Pilot at Columbia SC. The driver confirmed with us that he didn’t have any issues with DOT today.


The number they call from 469-203-3642.


If you are contacted with this scam, please report to the Florida Highway Patrol. Thank you.

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